Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's a hard-knock life.....

Remember the song from Annie?  Think it's my theme today!  I'm looking for the sun to come out and trying to find the will to sing!

When he went in for open heart surgery last year, he gave me all the passwords to his accounts, so I can go in and look at his health insurance.  It's a pretty cool system.  The doctor's leave messages and the line is in bold until you open it. When opened, the bold goes away, so I can see when he reads notes from his doctors.  I never open them first.  But after those last labs, he got messages from his endo and his cardiologist.  He's read them - that's good.  He did not respond to them - that's bad.  The endo asked him to email in his glucose levels and again, I can see the notes he sends back to his doctors.

I also know that I cannot nag him to do anything.  He has made the choice to move forward ignoring his A1c as evidenced by the 2 pound bag of Reeses pieces that he has eaten this week, the pumpkin pie he bought at the store and has dived into, and the apple crisp he gobbled down last night.  He just has no intention whatsoever of getting his glucose under control.

Both emails - the doctors said they have been trying to reach him by phone with no response.  And I know there are many calls that come in where he doesn't answer his cell phone - but he makes me think it's someone at work that he just doesn't want to talk with at that moment.  HA!  It's a doctor that he doesn't want to talk with!!!

He bounces from being extremely quiet (depression) to being horribly angry (low sugar) to just sleeping non-stop.  My life just keeps moving forward.  This morning I was up sweeping and shampooing carpets.  Next I need to go do some work in the garage.  He's already upset that I'm making "noise" (he's in bed with noise-buster headsets on, his CPap running, and an eye mask on.  Not sure how he can hear anything!  LOL!!!  But I know, it's just his sugars out of whack.

And if they go low, imagine how high they must go to have an average of 243?  WOW!!!

Just another day in the life of a diabetic spouse (when the hubby is non-compliant)

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Lilly said...

This sounds so familiar. My hubby calls his doctors back and is somewhat more compliant, but he also LOVES to do his own thing with the way he eats. He told me last week (after the fact) he was seriously thinking about having a pizza delivered after I went to bed one night, so that I wouldn't know he got it. Wow . . . was he planning on eating the entire thing?