Friday, November 18, 2011

He got his labs surprise - A1c is 10.1

CK is 370
Cholesterol is 192
Triglycerides are 1438
HDL is 21
LDL is 171

But an A1c of 10.1???  I'm positive that's what's causing the horrid smells.  Ketoacidosis?  The beginnings of it?  I am just hoping that his primary doc will see these labs and call him in.  Or that the endo will see them.  I'm really thinking a psychiatrist needs to see them!  Why is he doing this to himself?  A death wish?  I know he is in denial....but how can you deny the numbers?

Well, I do know.  He has always said that "9.0 is high for me".  He doesn't ever look at what the "charts" say is he thinks and A1c of 7.0 is OK for him.  Well, at the moment, I'd be delighted with a 7.0.

No wonder he is so tired and sleeping so much - his poor body is trying to work around such high glucose.

And let's not even talk about insulin.  Remember, he's on the 5x concentrated dose and at the highest dose he's ever been on that.

I'm going to go into denial for today and go be creative.  I don't want to deal with anything.


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Lilly said...

These numbers are crazy. How can he even function? As so many of us have said so many times before, we can't "make" them take care of themselves.

Take care,