Saturday, October 01, 2011

Loved the respite

Back home and all is as well as can be.  Was so nice to get away for a whole week - visiting with my siters.  Hubby came Thursday afternoon and we were all together to celebrate my birthday.  Laughed all evening long!  We both came home on Friday.  My sis has a single queen bed so we tried to sleep together, but his restless leg syndrome is still just as bad as it ever was so I ended up on the sofa.  What would we do without sofas?  LOL!

I'm getting better, stronger - my pain is going away.  I'm moving better and I really think it's because I'm letting go, getting away, taking breaks, taking care of myself.  And he can tell a difference.  When I can move, I can do more for him.  And when I can't move, he has to do more for I think it's helping him as well.

We have family coming from out of state next weekend and after that..I'm hoping life will settle down for the winter.

His glucose is still running at 300 way too often.  He has way too many digestive problems which I'm pretty sure is simply the nerve endings dying off.  Almost daily he adds something else to the list of things he can't eat.    The gaseous odors are still almost unbearable.  Diet modification hasn't really helped with that.  I assume it is all just part of the process of uncontrolled diabetes eating away at his body.

And yes, that is truly sad.  But he has made a choice to simply do what he wants rather than try and take care of himself.  So life has to go on as normal as it can as long as it can.  And truly, overall, we are doing fine at the moment.

I've had my week off and have much renewed strength.  Life is good!

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Lilly said...

Happy for you that you had a good time away, and a good birthday celebration. I am thinking I need to get away again soon. Thank goodness we "get" that we need to do this!