Saturday, June 25, 2011

What is up with the potato chips?????

Is this EVERY diabetics food drug of choice?  I was reading other posts/comments and it hit is my husband's drug.  He will sit and eat an entire LARGE bag at one time.

OK, if I ate a whole bag of potato chips - I would be vomiting!  We never have less than 3 or 4 bags in the pantry and I can't begin to tell you when the last time is that I had any.  If I do the shopping, I get pringles low fat.  He hates those!  So he will actually go to the store to buy chips and tell me I forgot to get them!  LOL!!!

It does not pay for me to shop "healthy".  If I buy fat free cream cheese, or low fat cheese, or skim milk....he will just go get what he wants.  I sometimes wish we lived an hour from a grocery, but I doubt that would change a thing.

Eating out is his all time fav thing to do.  I've written before about how he can't decide until the last minute what he wants for dinner.....and it doesn't matter how full the fridge's something that we don't have.

But potato chips.  That's a quandry for me.  Carbs.  Boost in glucose?  Salt?  Oh, he always wants the same kind, too.  Lays.  unflavored.  And he will just sit there and eat the entire bag.

Down to the crumbs.

Then he will fold the bag over the top and put it back up in the pantry.  Yes....even when there are only crumbs left.  One time, I conducted an experiment.  I didn't empty the bags out of the pantry and he just kept buying more.  We had 20 bags up there with only crumbs in them.  Men - idiots!  LOL!!!

So my pain has been much better today.  Now that I now this is coming from stress, I can tackle it head on.  Every morning I get up and turn my day over to God.  This morning I asked God to just take everything that was on my mind and hold it for me.  Maybe it will work. I had a good day.  I made cocktails of Aleve and tylenol.  Have one more that I can take.  Seem to help.  That and the heating pad. Oh, I have a heat massager - one of those thumper kinds - and I spent half an hour running it over muscles today. We'll see if that helps.  But I could get my legs in and out of the car and hadn't been able to do that in a couple of weeks.

I did tell him that he has to start doing more around here.....that we have to take some of the stress away from me.  So he went outside this morning and uncovered the awnings and got the sunbrella up.  Then he helped me get the pads on the chairs.  First time in 4 years that he's helped me get the back deck ready for summer.  And I was able to spray all the flower beds for weeds.  It's been a good day.  Yeah!!!

7:00 pm though and he's been in bed for half an hour.  I literally couldn't lay in bed that long - from 6:30 pm to 7 am???  Not me!

I'm thinking of going to my sister's tomorrow instead of Monday.  Get a head start on my time away.  I think I need it!  But before I leave, I'm going to tell him that I do not want to come home to a dirty house, dog-peed on carpets, etc.  He's going to have to take care of the place this week.  :o)


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whimsy2 said...

Clearly, your husband is committing slow suicide by potato chips.