Thursday, June 09, 2011

How to blog with "this" group - when there is no "group"!!!

JoannD wrote:  DW and others - I keep clicking on stuff but can't seem to find the magic door. 
How does one start a blog that is hooked to this community? I'm one of the most computer-ignorant people I know (but I did figure out how to list stuff on eBay, so I don't think I'm entirely hopeless - just need a little help :-)

All you need to do is start your own blog.  Go to  

If you already have a google account, then just go to your account settings, click on blogger, and follow the steps to set up a blog.

Once you have done your first post, send a link to me (post a comment here with it on it) and I will then add you to the list over on the right.  And you can create a list on your blog and add any blog to it that you want to follow.

I know there's a way to do a blog ring, but I think this is just as easy.  I click on all the blogs every couple of days and read what's going on with everyone else. 

You can also subscribe to this blog to follow it

After you have done your first blog post, then go to dashboard, settings, site feed.  You can burn your posts to feedburner and that will get it out on the net for others to find.  I think the key there is to use the labels block in the bottom of each post.  I keep forgetting to do that! 

You can then start in with all the add ons on the far right hand side.  I let people search my blog, subscribe, I have other blogs of spouses, the blog archive is automatic.

I think allowing someone to google search your blog is important.  If they are looking for something specific, they can find it easier that way.

I also use adsense.  Don't ask me about that!  I'm not sure it's set up and I haven't figured out how to check it!  LOL!!!  I need time to research that one, but the ads have no problem showing up, that's for sure!

OK, I know that all sounds pretty simple, but it is.  For me, blogging is the best thing ever. It's a record of what he does, my reactions to it....but mostly a place to vent so I don't get mad at him in person.....I just get mad here.

Like right now.  I came home from teaching a craft class.  The kitchen was absolutely filthy.  The TV was on blare with some sci fi shooting movie on.  I cannot stand that sound - guns going off non-stop.  It just puts me in a foul mood.  So I came into my studio, put my headsets on and am venting here.  So I don't go scream my head off at him.  But I mean seriously - in the middle of a work day, he's watching movies?  If they fire him I won't be surprised at all.  This is the really bad thing about working from home.....him being such a non-compliant diabetic - he's an absolute pro at telling a great lie about whatever he needs to cover!!!

Now, off to create something fun and wonderful while I listen to some soothing tunes on my ipod.  Hmmm....maybe ipods should be mandatory for spouses of diabetics!


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