Tuesday, June 07, 2011

holey shirts

Hubby pokes his insulin shots directly through his shirt into his stomach.  He says that it helps the pain of the needles.  Of course, blood then gets on the inside of his shirt and stains it.....and those tiny little needle jabs break through the fabric and with each wash, tend to break down the fibers in the shirt until little holes start to appear.

I did not know he was doing this until I started finding holey shirts.  I refuse to let him wear them - I toss them out.  I truly hate the fact that he has resorted to this.  But when I look at his stomach, it is simply one gigantic bruise of black, blue, green, purple, yellow, and orange.  So I suppose that if he thinks this insulates the pain, it's a small price to pay.

He now has to do his own laundry.  I'm not going to presoak to get the blood stains out.  He can figure out how to do that. And if he comes downstairs in the morning with a stained, holey shirt, I will tell him that if we are going out, he will have to change.

Maybe I should just let him go out looking like a hobo!  I could just tell people I married a holey hobo!

OK, one must laugh at least once a day to get through this.

I ended up sleeping on the sofa because the smells in our room were just rancid.  I didn't sleep a lot, so I'm not moving so well today.  May just take the entire day off.  After I go clean up the bathroom.  You know, there is just nothing I love better than cleaning a toilet that someone else has messed up with their uncontrollable diarrhea.  Nope - I am so looking forward to that task...I just can't tell you!

Blood stained holey shirts, diarrhea splattered toilets, and the acetone smell -rank fruity smell permeating the house at the moment....

and yet diabetics get mad at ME when I tell a young person to run away rather than marry into this?  They get angry with me when I tell them that if they are married, don't bring children into this situation?  They deny that any of this is ever going to happen to them?

Maybe I should write more about the grossness of this disease.   But first - I have to go clean toilets, open windows, air out the house!!!



JOANND said...

DW and others - I keep clicking on stuff but can't seem to find the magic door.
How does one start a blog that is hooked to this community? I'm one of the most computer-ignorant people I know (but I did figure out how to list stuff on eBay, so I don't think I'm entirely hopeless - just need a little help :-)


sar said...

I know so well what the environment created by diabetes is like. The bathroom is gross and cleaning it several times a day does nothing to prevent the grossness from happening.

I agree with you totally about warning someone not to marry into this. Those of us who land in this situation after years of having a "healthy" husband have a huge problem. We never asked for this yet we wind up with it and later in life to where our own aging comes into play. I so wish that I could just wake up one morning and the diabetes and complications were permanently gone. Even wish it were the last milenium again. I sure do.

Lilly said...

Please forgive me, but right now I am laughing. Yes, the whole thing is crazy. It forces you to develop a warped sense of humor just to get through each day.
Take care,

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry you have found grief when you shared what you know with someone younger. I have learned younger people already "know it all" and there is nothing I know that they are willing to listen to.

I find this a sad state of affairs.

I'm sorry you have to deal with the toilet; I've just cleaned DH's so it will be nice when he comes home. I'm sorry about the smell; I've enjoyed not smelling it for the past five days.

I'm happy you have more time away from this crap than I.