Friday, June 03, 2011

Having a mini vacation

Two of my sisters live 3 hours a way and I came to visit them this week. It's been wonderful!! Loads of chatter, creative art work and good food. No menus to plan. I have such wonderful sisters!! And they know just when I need a break. I haven't been here in almost a year. Way too long!

Hubby and I skype a couple of times a day, so it's not like he's completely alone. I pretty much leave the camera on and he can call when he wants.

He's had diarrhea all week. Extreme case. So I'm really glad to be here. He misses me. But I know this is good for him. He will be very nice and on his best behavior when I get home! Ha ha!

When I went to check my blog tonight, I found TEN comments!! Wow! Some made me laugh! And it's good to laugh about this journey.

My one sister's husband just lost his brother to alcoholism, so we had a good talk about how similar diabetes can be to something like the sense of how sugar destroys the physical and mental aspects of ones health just as alcohol does. I had never thought to compare the 2, but alcohol turns to sugar, something more tom study when I have time.

I highly recommend getaway weeks to keep your sanity, recharge your engine, revitalize your spirit! This is just perfect!!



Lynn Barry said...

YOU GO GIRL! GOOD FOR YOU! Perhaps that is why some diabetics sometimes act drunk...hmmm I always wondered about that. HUGS

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to hear you had some sister time. There is rarely anything better.

I pray your days ahead are full of similar love and joy.


JOANND said...

I honestly think that overeating is a form of addiction. My DH watched his father die of (among other things) uncontrollable insulin-dependent diabetes - the man smoked like a bad chimney, was a SEVERE alcoholic, and absolutely refused to comply with any sort of diet.

My DH has resolutely stayed away from tobacco and alcohol all of his life (he says of alcohol "I'm afraid I might LIKE it.') But his main vice is food, and boy, does he shovel it in. He has multiple health problems stemming directly from being 100+ pounds overweight but short of putting him on a desert island somewhere, I don't know how to cut off his access to excess food.

Some of you have commented on how your husband's personality and/or temper changes if his sugar is out of whack. My husband is normally one of the kindest, sweetest people I know, but when he is stressed or overtired, it's almost as if another entity takes over and he becomes angry, aggressive, and nasty to the point of viciousness, especially when driving.

I guess I'll have to figure out how to set up my own blog so that others can comment on it. I really want to get some feedback from the rest of you because this is all new and bewildering to me.