Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Here's why I quit cooking!

I really am a very good cook.  But no one knows it!  LOL!!!  After about 3 years into this relationship, I realized that there is no way I could have a restaurant in this house, with a menu, with options available at each meal!

I mean, seriously, who expects that?

My husband does!!!

If I fix hamburgers, he wants chicken.

If I ask him this morning if he wants chicken this evening, he will say yes.  I will thaw it out.  Then about 4 pm, he will say, "I don't feel like chicken, what else do we have?"

My answer is usually, "well, frozen pot pies, soup, or sandwiches"

None of that will sound good to him.  He will want to go out to eat.

What does he order at the restaurant?

Something with chicken in it!!!!

So I simply gave up.  I buy things that go into the freezer.  I always have fresh deli meats, veggies, salad and fruit in the refrig.  I always have eggs on hand.  In the pantry, there is always fresh bread, tortillas, and usually buns of some kind.

And I started telling other people this line:  "I cooked for 25 years while raising my sons.  When they left home, I quit."  Hey, I think cooking for other people for 25 years is more than enough!  Did he do that for his family?  Hardly!  And I'm just not in the mood to try and figure out what he wants to eat and have the stuff available to fix it for him 30 minutes before it's time to eat!

He has learned that he cannot "demand" a home cooked dinner from me (note to raging diabetic's wife).

He has learned that I don't stock orange juice.....just in case he needs it.....just to let it grow mold because he doesn't need it (note to wife of a diabetic2) He's going to have to do a better job of preventing his own sugar lows.  All I have are glucose tabs to give him.  If he passes out, I call 911....and he will pay the bill.

He has learned to cook for himself. Now - isn't that amazing?  He loves chinese food and I hate it, but he has become pretty good at making it.

I'm not a huge eater.  I don't like 3 meals a day.  I don't get up and eat breakfast.  I like a little something about 11 am, then a meal around 4 or 5 pm.  I don't like to eat late and then go to bed with a full stomach. I hate going out to eat.  So with his schedule of needing 45 carbs for breakfast, lunch and dinner,needing to eat on a set schedule, loving to eat out....we are just about as opposite as we can be on this subject.

We are also at complete opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to exercise. I love to get up first thing and get on the treadmill.  Listen to mp3 on my ipod while I walk.  Starts my day out great.  I like to go to bed early and get up early.

He would stay up until 2 am and sleep til noon if he could.  He wouldn't consider getting on the stationary bike until 4 pm.  If there's yardwork to be done, I prefer to get it done early before it gets too hot.  He wants to start at 2 pm.....when it's at the hottest.

I do not take any medications.  He has more than enough for an army.

How did we ever hook up?  LOL!  But I think you can see how different our entire metabolic systems are.

Most of these are simply non-issues. I made eating a non-issue as I simply quit cooking after 3 years in this relationship - when I realized how much work I was doing when I would sit down to the dinner table and he would tell me that he wasn't hungry for whatever I had fixed, get up and fix himself a bowl of cereal.

Yep, my cooking days are over. And it's great!!!  He still asks me every morning "what's for dinner tonight?" and I still say, "I have chicken I can thaw out".  Once in awhile - we actually thaw out that chicken!  LOL!!



sar said...

I like your style!! H's world revolves around food. He is obsessed with it and eats what ever he damn well pleases now. I do not stop him. I refuse to subject myself to food rage.

The demands for home cooked meals as long as I get something on the table. H doesn't see any difference between home cooked and home nuked. There are great "healthy" takeout places around here. I will buy him a meal and stick it on a plate.

Anonymous said...


This is a great post!


Lilly said...

Wow, I guess I am lucky in that hubby pretty much eats whatever I fix . . . when I fix it! But then there are times (with his gastroparesis) when nothing sounds good to him. He is then totally on his own, as I will not make 2 different meals. With 2 other elderly family members that I TRY to visit and help once a week after work (2 separate visits), he is lucky when I do cook, and I think he at least gets THAT! Good for you, that you have just decided that cooking isn't worth it. Probably much better for your sanity.

Anonymous said...

if this works for you then that is terrific
me, I LOVE to cook
not every day - but multiple days a week
and I am lucky that Tom will eat what I cook -- mostly
Also, usually I don't ask him anymore
I just cook what I want to cook
he wants a salad every single night
while I like salad = every day is too much
so he has to make it - and he does
and when I want hot veggies, I make them myself
otherwise, I pretty much cook what I want and we eat that
of course that's within limits
I no longer cook proteins in fruit juices - because that just seems too sweet - even for me these days
but we eat wonderful anyway
and we go out just the right amount
like I said -- on this topic -- I am a lucky girl

Lynn Barry said...

You crack me up...LOVE IT! XOXOXOO