Friday, May 27, 2011

"I don't have high blood pressure"

That is what he says to every single physician he sees.  Yet he is on atenolol.  And last night, his BP was 166/58.  Hmmm.....  but note, he doesn't have high blood pressure!

We have had a calm day. Thank goodness.  I think it is the calm before the storm.  He is not going to want to do yard work this weekend and I am going to force it.

He doesn't want to go anywhere as there's too much traffic.
He doesn't want to go to the movies as it would be too crowded.
He doesn't want to go out to dinner as there are too many people out this weekend.

So I decided it's a good time to do yardwork!

We have over 2/3 acre in this yard.  He doesn't want to move.  So he can help with the work.

And I know that he is going to tell me he has a headache, a back ache, his hips hurt, he is sick to his stomach.....I just don't know which excuse he is going to use.  And I'm ready to tell him that this time, there are no excuses!

Hmm.....wonder who will win this one?  LOL!!



Lilly said...

Yup, there is always a reason my hubby can't do something too, even if it is within his power to do it. Oh, and he doesn't have high blood pressure either, although he is on 3 different blood pressure meds. Good luck with that yard work, and really do hope you have a great weekend.

Lynn Barry said...

YOU GO, GIRL! GOOD LUCK! hugs and love