Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Deliver me from this man.....

My prayer this morning. Need I really say more?  8:02 am and he's already yelling his head off at me.  Why?  Because I stated a political/religious opinion of mine.  Obviously, I am NOT allowed to have any thoughts of my own because if I state them, he goes ballistic.

Yes, he took his insulin shot.

No, he has not had anything to eat.

Is he low?  Most likely.

Is he going to do anything about it?  Well, he just did, didn't he?  Yelling gets his adrenaline flowing which gets his body to push glucose which will raise him up out of his low.

I understand the medical mechanics of this.

But really, truly, beyond any words I can describe.....I am tired of being the brunt of his emotional outbursts.  I am tired of not being allowed to express my thoughts or opinions....or having to remember not to say certain things at certain times of the day because his sugar might be (probably is) low.

So my prayer today is that God will deliver me from this situation - one way or another.  Horribly selfish prayer....but perhaps one of sanity at this moment.



sar said...

I so know what it is like to be on the receiving end of diabetic rage. I feel for you. I wish I couldhelp us both and all our sisters who are subjected to this. I tell the doctors but get nowhere. Their concern is always him and not the spouse. It is about time the medical establishment listens and does something for us for a change. Especially if they want us to continue to care for their patiens.

Anonymous said...

I've been there and live there. I can have political/religious opinions, however, they must not be related to the time before I knew DH. He doesn't want to hear about anything from my life before we met.

Which makes no sense to me because he fell in love with the woman he met who was a product of all her experiences before he met her.

And this pisses me off because I have lived one damn exciting life. He has no right to expect me to censor it.

Lilly said...

I understand your prayer. I have even said like prayers myself! Wouldn't it be great if they had some flashing red light attached to them that would give us a warning when their sugars are screwed up? Then when we saw the light flashing, we would know not to say ANYTHING at all to them during that time . . . and maybe just get the hell out of their way. Hope today is a better day for you.

JOANND said...

I wonder if my DH could have had blood-sugar issues for years and not known it.

He has a predictable pattern of being the nicest guy in the world until about 3:00 or 3:30 in the afternoon, and then he gets short-tempered and irritable. This shows up especially while driving - he becomes the King of Road Rage - being belligerent as all get out toward other drivers and then not having a clue why some of them come back at him. Trouble is, he also carries a loaded firearm and is willing to escalate the quarrel. If I can, I try to grab the guncase and try to put it between my seat and door, where he can't reach it, because he is clearly irrational at those times.

I can't tell you how terrifying this is. A confrontation between two testosterone-poisoned males (and hey, I'm a grandma myself, and while I am a competent shot with a firearm, I'd just as soon not have to shoot anybody.)

Why do they have to get crazy like this???