Thursday, April 14, 2011

Doctor's update

We went to see his surgeon today.

Brought up the fact that he is still anemic.  That he will get up at 7 am and be asleep at 9 am.  That he is having tunnel vision with a feeling of passing out.

All the surgeon did was look at his back xrays, discuss the continuing numbness in his thighs, blame that on diabetic neuropathy and release him. We don't return til 1/12.  He can drive. He can start lifting things - as much as he wants.

Xrays show that his back above the fusion is starting to curve.  No, he will never get it fixed. No matter how bad it gets.

Numbness in his thighs.
How does the surgeon think he's going to sense that he's pushing the brakes in far enough?

I swear!  Doctors are all idiots!  And I actually really like this guy.  He is a great surgeon.  But he has tunnel vision himself - he only wants to talk about the back...not the whole being.

We go see the cardiologist next Wednesday.  She is my only hope.

I'm sure he will drive somewhere tomorrow.  Just because he can!

Thanks to everyone for all of your kind comments.  I will get to them in a few days....when there is a lull in everything that's going on.

On the job front - his boss had a staff meeting today and said it was just a "fire drill" - to see how they would react. This is beyond stupid because the next time they ask hubby to give up an employee, he's going to think it's just a fire drill again.  Remember it brought him to tears?  Just so totally stupid.

Emotional day to say the least!  Time for bed!



Anonymous said...

Wow! men are stupid!

Lilly said...

Laughing over Tom's Wife's comment . . . haven't we all thought this, repeatedly? :-D