Friday, December 17, 2010

Peace, oh! sweet peace!

But I know it's the calm before the storm! He is off work til the end of the year and there is nothing on our calendar. We don't celebrate Christmas much. We will spend the 24th with his kids and grandkids, but it will be a quiet day.

He finally quit gorting on everything in site and is now back to eating salads and fairly healthy foods.

He has agreed to consider water exercise. I'm going to check out local classes.

He said that starting next week, we will do minor exercises to help build up his strength pre-op.

We went to wound care today and the incision on his ankle from his open heart surgery last March is finally starting to close up.

Our first pre-op visit is 12/27. We have 2-3 appointment every week for the next 5 weeks.


As a side note - I am worried about Wife of a Diabetic 2.....I sure hope everything is ok and that you are just too busy to post.


Lynn wrote:

Welll we found out his back is messed up bad...will learn more Monday... no wonder he has been in such pain AND limited.
also he was set up with HEALTH BUDDIES via the VA and will be posting his blood readings daily and in communication often so we hope this gets him in a better daily routine for keeping on top of things...hangin' in, girlfriend?

I truly hope his back isn't as bad as what my hubby is facing. We are almost at 2 years of no mobility now. It is no fun, that's for sure. My hubby has an extremely high pain threshold. I think what he's going through would kill me. I'm really hoping this surgery will help. I know we have 8 months of recovery before we will really know anything and I'm going to have to keep him motivated for those 8 months so that he stays on track and heals. Ah! The fun we have! LOL!



Lynn Barry said...

this is the best news...I am so happy for you both...Holiday miracle...for sure. HURRAY! THANKS THANKS THANKS for this inspirational uplifting news! HUGS and LOVE

Lilly said...

Hope that all goes well with your husband and surgery. My husband is also in a lot of pain with spinal stenosis. However, because of his slow healing, he cannot find anyone who will even consider doing surgery. He has been told surgery may make things even worse because of all his other health problems. I finally "took the leap" and started my own blog today. Not sure how to let other people know, as I have been reading the other blogs you are following. I am still new to this! Here is my link:

Yes, my husband is a Type 1, but so many of your challenges are so similar to mine. Again, thanks for having the courage to tell it like it is in your blog. You have truly helped, just by letting me know I am not alone in this craziness.