Sunday, December 12, 2010

What a day!

Some days he just scares me to death!

He wanted to go to Wild Buffalo Wings for lunch

Then to Costoc

He came home and at 3 pm, he ate a whole bag of potato chips

At 4 pm, he ate my leftovers from WBW

At 6 pm, he fixed himself THREE chicken salad sandwiches

HOW can he consume so much? He's going to weigh 400 pounds before surgery and the doctor told he he has to lose 50 pounds.

I'm stuffed just watching him eat.

Wait...maybe this is a good thing? LOL!

Seriously - it scares me how much food he eats.

And a bag of peanut M&Ms in the last 2 days as well.

He's been in a horrible mood since noon today. Just horrible. I'm exhausted. My sis is here, so I do have my sanity!



Lynn Barry said...

I feel badly that he instead of working at losing the weight is gravitating to food, for whatever reason.
Hold tight to Sis...he's a grown man and other than either nagging him to death or physically interceding, there isn't anything you can do, but hope and pray he will at least slow down on the intake. GOOD LUCK!
Mine is actually going the other way and not eating much and leaving stuff on his plate, but he is in so much pain and on these pain pills his quality of life isn't very good so we shall see. Doctoring soon. Hopefully some answers, even if there are no solutions. HANG IN THERE, my friend. Glad we have this outlet.

Lynn Barry said...

Welll we found out his back is messed up bad...will learn more Monday... no wonder he has been in such pain AND limited.
also he was set up with HEALTH BUDDIES via the VA and will be posting his blood readings daily and in communication often so we hope this gets him in a better daily routine for keeping on top of things...hangin' in, girlfriend?