Monday, November 01, 2010

some days are just funny

So, he says to me that he's not going to have the back operation.  Me, I aks him questions.  Why not? You said you don't want to end up living like your grandma did.  What will you do?

He says he will just live with the pain.

I remind him that we haven't been anywhere together in over 2 years.  It hurts him to travel.  He doesn't even go to the grocery store.

He says he will just suck it up and deal with it.

So, I tell him, tomorrow, you can go get groceries.

I want to see you dancing a jig every morning

I want you walking 3 miles a day.

This morning, he gets up and comes downstairs and dances a jig.

I crack up laughing.

But I know from the look in his eyes that just about killed him!

Told him to think about things for a couple of weeks.  No need to make a decision one way or another today.

But today, he is starting on Weight Watchers.  at least 50 pounds to lose.

Pray for him.

It will be a miracle if he can stick with it more than 10 days.  That's usually his outter limit for a diet of any kind.

A dieting diabetic dancing jigger.  Not sure it could get much funnier!

Hope you find something to smile about today!


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Lynn Barry said...

OMG...I LOVE YOU...thanks for this enlightening heartwarming story...and that is why you stay...PRAYERS for hubby. HUGS for you! XOXOXOXO