Sunday, November 21, 2010

Busy bee here!

Lynn wrote:
My hubby's readings are 179 AND is seldom under 200...but he is really watching the eating and cut way down on the chewing tobacco so he is making an effort...don't know what to make of your hubby's behavior but it sounds like he is wanting to make good choices but doesn't know what to do at this point.

What's his A1c? My hubby's A1c is 8.2 which is way too high. And, of course, he doesn't watch what he eats at all. Fried chicken wings tonight doused with Peanut M&Ms. He doesn't smoke or chew....about the only "good" habit he has! OK, he doesn't drink either. I know that he really wants to make good choices, but he gives in to what he'd rather do every single day. I've simply given up with him!

I was gone to a meeting almost all day long. He went to bed at 7 pm. I can tell the cortisone has almost completley worn off. He's either sitting on the sofa (recliner on the end) or in bed (adjustable bed). He is getting absolutely no exercise and it's because of his pain - he can barely function.

Between my art and genealogy projects, I am busier than I've ever been. Made the decision that life goes on. Have another genealogy meeting tomorrow, then an art day on Tuesday, a day off on Wednesday, and then driving a couple hours to see mom on Thanksgiving. Major powerpoint presentation due 12/5, so must find the time to put together a video for it...lots of fun things going on right now.

Life isgood.

But in the back of my mind...there's always that non-stop worry about him.



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Lynn Barry said...

I am blanking...will report back on the number when hubby gets home.
my hubby is real good and then he buys icecream and eats it at night.
He has been in pain for months now with sciatica, or what he at least thinks is sciatica. this never helps the sugar readings.
he does not eat candy, cookies, pie etc and limits portions which is so different from the eat everything in sight mindset he had for so he is making progress BUT he still tends to go backwards and like i said have to have a 1/2 gallon of icecream in the freezer in case he wants it.
he doesn't drink either...phew.
yes, part and parcel of why i found you on here was my realization that my marriage commitment of 38 years came with that BIGGGGGGGG diabetic string attached and it was freeing to discover those words...I AM MARRIED TO DIABETES... your life...we have to...and we have to love our men too...just not to the destruction of ourselves.