Saturday, November 20, 2010

Prevent diabetes poster child

One of my art pals was here this week. She hadn't seen hubby in quite some time. And in that interim, she has been tested as "pre" diabetic. She said, "You husband is my poster child for what I don't want to be."

I thought that was amazing. At least he is doing some good by being so bad. She has watched him deteriorate over the last 4 years. I was so impressed with her eating. Low to no carbs. No sugar. No white flour. No soda. She is taking all the right steps to keep from becoming diabetic. I congratulated her and I really think she will beat this.

But who knew I was married to a poster child...of sorts?


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Lynn Barry said...

Too bad this doesn't impact him...sad...but encouraging in regards to the prediabetic. Hurray! My hubby is kind of in between...fluctuates...thanks for sharing hopeful are a great writer. HUGS