Friday, May 07, 2010

Cardiologists visit

So, 8 weeks post op and in to see the cardiologist today. She is pleased. In 4 more weeks, he can do anything - meaning that we start the process of getting his back fixed.

She agreed that she is going to see him in 6 months, then once every year. I loved her for that! She said sometimes they release you for 5 years, but because he has diabetes - once a year.

She still thinks that he has had a heart attack at some time in the past. At the bottom of his heart - a place that doesn't show up on an echocardiogram. I think I agree based on the fact that the surgeon said there was no blood flowing to that part of the heart and very few healthy veins down there.

I feel like thisis my alert, my wake up call - that while he is better, he is not out of the woods and will never be out of the woods. Amazing how intricate the heart is. Even more amazing is what they can do these days to help it work longer.


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Lynn Barry said...

I hear ya, sister...My hubby has had a stent put in and he also had a mini stroke...the sugar is mostly up...but when it has been down...scary...he suffers now with neuropathy and weight loss due to high sugar...I am so thankful I stumbled onto to this blog and Tom's wife too. I am another Tom's wife and am glad to be able to connect with others who on a daily basis are stressed out over their husband having diabetes.