Thursday, May 06, 2010

Physical Therapy post vacation

We had a pretty good trip after getting off to a rugged start. His meds arrived the next day. He walked every morning. Did pretty good with eating the right foods. Did some exercises with hand weights. Tested and kept is sugars pretty even. No lows as he was able to divert them each time. Our host were so gracious and grilled fish of some type most nights. When we ate out, he had salads most meals. So it was a great trip. We even got some rest in.

Came home and he started back iin physical therapy yesterday I don't know if it's because he switched back to a treadmill rather than walking on the ground, or if it was being away from the recumbant bike for a week, but he did something to his back. He could hardly move last night. The pain was so intense I really thought he was going to cry and he has a very very high threshold for pain as it is. He was taking narcotics and they didn't even phase him.

Today has been a little better. So hopefully whatever happened will start to heal.

When he's in that much pain - I want to cry myself. It just brings life to a screeching halt. No one gets any sleep. He was up til 1 am, up at 3, at 4, and at 6 am. So we are both exhausted today, of course.

Other than that, everything seems to be good. Almost too good. We have a f/u visit with the cardiologist tomorrow and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's a good visit as well,


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