Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend notes

Sister and brother-in-law here. b-i-l got a new laptop and hubby helped him program it. Pretty good weekend all in all. Hubby started back to work today, part time, from home. He was exhausted and hoarse by noon. But sticking with schedules, menus and doing pretty good. One low today after PT, so probably from exercising. Will watch tomorrow. Might be time to reduce the Humulin even more. My sister went home this afternoon. She's been here a week. It has been wonderful. She motivated me to get back to my art which has been so much fun. Time for me to move ahead. Hubby is doing more and more. I still have to drive him everywhere for at least another week. Hope the surgeon will release him next week, but he may not be able to drive due to the narcotics he is on for back pain.

I'm starting to feel a bit more rested. This is an easy week. 3 days of PT, I have o/p surgery to remove tags from my eyelids on Wed - and the grandson is supposed to be delivered that morning. Should be a good week.


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