Tuesday, March 09, 2010

36 hours

It's sort of a countdown around here. A very different type of rollercoaster ride. We have our good moments and our rough ones. He is obviously scared. As am I. But we are talking our way through it. I think we have finished with the last of the "business" stuff. We have things set up so I can take over finances if he has to stay in the hospital more than a couple of weeks. We have a system to notify family and friends of his progress. Tomorrow will be fun. We have family coming in and then a dinner with friends. Enough to keep both of our minds off the next morning.

He seems to be way too worried about me, so I interpret that to mean he is worried about himself. But if it helps him to get through this by worrying about me, that's fine, too.

I don't know what I would do if I were in his shoes. The very thought of them cutting open his chest is horrifying. I know they do it all the time....but they do it to other people all the time, not to him. And I think he is having some of the very same feelings.

We sat together for awhile this afternoon and talked some more about our future plans. Things we are both afraid of when he gets back home to recover. I'm glad we are talking about the future. I'm afraid he's not going to want to go to physical therapy. He said, "I know I'm not going to want to go!" and then he laughed and said that I would just have to make him go.

I said I was afraid he would be on the phone with work before the first month is up. I warned him that I will unplug the phones and take his cell away from him. He laughed. But at least he knows what I'm worrying about.

While he's in the hospital, I plan to strip our bedroom and clean it from top to bottom. Get all the pet hairs out of it. I don't want him to risk getting an infection. If the doctor suggests that the pups not be in the bed with him, I'll go find a carrier that they can be in when they are in the room with him. I do think they are going to be his best therapy - even if all he can do is pet them from a distance.

Thank you for your prayers. While I know that Thursday is going to be an incredibly long day, I know that we will get through it. Family will be there with us and that will make time pass a little quicker.

I'm still doing stupid things. I think I'm ok, then I realize there was no need to take the trash out to the curb - trash day is tomorrow, not today. LOL!


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Lilly said...

Hope all is as okay as it can be for you and your husband . . . worried about both of you!