Saturday, January 30, 2010


Ah! How much do you take before you are addicted to it? Ok, let me reword that. How much does he have to take before I get addicted to him taking it? LOL! I'm already there!

Who knew a pain pill could give me so much relief when I don't even take it? As long as I drive, and he "loads" up on drugs, we are finding that we can get back to the routine of living. Ok, of doing at least one thing a day perhaps!

Today, we made it out to lunch and then to a movie. Have not done that in a few months and I miss it. Of course, by the time we got back home, the percocet(s) had worn off and he went straight to bed. He's been there ever since, about 5 hours now.

We have started the Low GI menu and so far, it's going ok. We're starting to decide just what we can eat at which restaurangs, the rest will be here. We've actually sat down and gone over a menu for a full week. Tomorrow we are going to see if he can do anything on the wii workouts while sitting down. It will at least get his upper body moving a bit. I hope.

It was a good day overall.


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