Thursday, December 10, 2009

Neil wrote: This is not a diet I would eat as a type 1 diabetic

a can of clam chowder
turkey sandwich and fries from Chilis
ham, egg and cheese bagel
chocolate dove candy
ham egg and cheese sandwich
potato chips
I would get rid of the ham, the bagel the fries and the clam chowder. Never touch the stuff and never will. I have been type one for forty years and pretty much figured out what to avoid.

And I just had to laugh. Neil, I know you have figured it out. I know you are doing a great job. But I'm married to a guy who eats whatever he wants.....whenever he wants. And that's the whole problem. I can't "fix" him. I can't "change" him. So yeah, he's going to eat all the above and oh! so much worse!

The past few weeks, he's been eating clam chowder like crazy. And fries are second nature to him. No, I don't fix them for him at all. I fix a normal meal....and he doesn't want it, so he makes something for himself. Not a thing I can do to change his eating patterns. Really sad.

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