Friday, December 18, 2009

It's 1 of 2 things.....

Either life is going quite well for all of us.....or it's so horrible none of us can post a comment!

Tom's wife - even your blog has been terribly quiet. I sure hope all is going well.

We are having just an amazing month. I wonder - is it the calm before the storm? I have been completely occupied with art projects that are keeping me off the charts busy. Wonderful to have something that is occupying so much of my time. And hubby has gotten lost in the world of electronics - teaching himself programming. I tease him that he's doing this so when he gets a wheelchair, he can program it to race me in mine! Good humor, great jokes coming out of all this!

He still has good days and bad days. But it seems that even on the bad days, he at least has something to occupy his mind with. He will get low and start to argue with me and I simply tell him I don't have time, I have a deadline. So that seems to be the "cure-all" for the moment! And it looks like my assignments are going to carry thru to the end of January.

And we have "downsized" our holiday festivities and it sure has made life simpler. No tree, no decorations. Only gifts for the grandkids. No parties. Just quiet time at home and get-togethers 1-on-1 with other friends and family. No large gatherings planned this year. And all the shopping was done online, so we haven't had to face the crowds. Our worst thing has been the traffic when we need to go I've been doing the driving. Keeps him calm!

Have to say I'm loving it all. No stress.

So here's hoping you all are having a wonderful go of it as well!


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