Sunday, September 27, 2009

not eating - has to be low

Some days, I wonder what he thinks. It's Sunday. He did not eat a thing until 4 pm. He got mad at me about 11 am. And he has given me the complete "silent treatment."

So, I know that he was in a low when he got mad and stayed there because he still did not eat. I'm not worried about it at all and am actually enjoying the "silent treatment" as he has gone up to the bedroom and has been watching TV all day long. He came downstairs about 4 pm and got a bag of potato chips and went back upstairs.

I think I'll just sleep on the sofa tonight and leave him to his own misery. At his age, he certainly knows better than to go all day without eating.


lisa said...

Glad I found this blog. Nice to know I am not alone. My husband has diabetic retinapathy. He has lost some of his sight which has resticted driving and work. Alot more pressure on me. He is not doing well emotionally. Neither am I. I feel resentful, then guilty about that. Don't really know how to handle the strain it has put on us. Lisa

tomswife said...

Fascinating. Tom was low. He was going to drive somewhere and I commented that he had better test first. He complied and reported that he was 190. I I said I didn't believe him but he turned and walked into the garage anyway. I assumed he got in the car and drove away. I sat there and waited for the call from the police -- knowing there was nothing I could do.

About fifteen minutes later, I was on the phone with my sister, telling her that Tom should be at her house by now when he walked in the door. He was fine and hadn't gone anywhere. He got a piece of candy out of the car and pulled some weeds out of the grass.

Geez, I was relieved but why does he put me through this?

Brenda G. said...

I found this blog today after experiencing yet another "last straw" episode this past weekend. My husband has Type II and takes medications when he remembers to. I alternate between the need to constantly monitor him and just giving up.

He is always hungry - last Friday night we were driving home and stopped at McDonalds to eat. He had a Big Mac, fries and a large diet coke. That's bad enough, but when we had to stop in the grocery store for a few quick things - he went in while I waited in the car with our dogs. He came out with chicken wings and potato wedges from the deli.

In addition to his poor choices of food, he will become engrossed in a job and wait too long to eat.

His blood sugar is continually high and low, this past weekend it skyrocketed to over 400.

He was irritable every single day, but last night he went into another fit of rage. I always knew the diabetes was responsible for this to a point, I thought it was just a personality flaw, but after reading the posts on here I now KNOW it must be the diabetes.

I have been crying all day, because from reading here I have learned that there are so many things that could happen to him that I didn't even know about and now I am scared.

I have to find a way to make him see that he must take care of his condition without making him even more angry at me.

Every time he gets into these cycles, he threatens to quit our business and leave me.

Just when I think he has finally gotten control over these rages, here comes another one out of the blue.

Thank you all for your support...only you could understand the hell I am living with.

God bless us all.