Friday, June 05, 2009

Same old game

We have been back a full week and he has not been to see the doctor regarding the Angina attack he had. Even thought he PROMISED me that he would go. Same old game.

He is feeling better, not in pain, so he's not going to go see the doctor.

So much for a promise!


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Anonymous said...

Hi, I've just spent hours reading through your posts. My husband, too, is a diabetic - type 1. He thinks he is in total control because he tries to keep his glucose below 100. We experience many many lows - over the years there have been two totaled cars, countless 911 calls in the middle of the night, and on and on. I think he finally passed the denial phase (after 25 years) and moved to the anger stage. diabetics don't do denial and anger like others - denial is not "I don't have the disease" as much as it is "I have the disease but I deny the fact that I can't control it in my own way." And anger? well just ask them, it doesn't exist, its all our fault.

Do I stay or do I go? do I still have enough good days to counter the bad days? And someone mentioned sex? well I figured out in my early 40s that I was not going to have that again for the rest of my life! poor me. I'm only 53 now.

DW, your blog is fabulous, I'm going to recommend it to a friend whose wife is an out of control diabetic. Someone earlier mentioned an on-line support group. I've been looking for something like that for years. Did it ever pan out? Maybe I should start my own blog?