Monday, June 01, 2009

Catching up

Lots of notes to post.

5/25. We were on vacation in Mexico. He had a severe angina attack while walking (in heat) along a river bottom. He could not get any air in. The next 48 hours was severe vomiting and diarrhea attacks. He promised to contact his physician when we got home. Said he probably needed bypass or stints put in.

I honestly thought he was having a heart attack. Rather frightening.

Spent several days 100% isolated in our hotel room at the resort because he did not feel like getting out of bed, getting dressed to go to dinner, or walking to an on-site restaurant. Just glad it was an all inclusive resort that included room service.

5/29. During our flight home, had a stopover in Mexico City and he could not walk. Had to stop every few feet, get his breath. Sit down and rest. Horrible pain in his back, hip and knee. He said he is at his all time highest weight.

5/31. Late lunch with friends. He could not made it from the table, back to the car and said that he might actually have to start using a wheelchair.

6/1. He emailed his doctor. Did not call, just sent an email. No message back. He has pretty much just been sitting on the sofa or laying in bed since we got home. Hip, back and knee pain still intense. He has mentioned 3 times now that he thinks he will need a bypass, so that tells me he is worse off than he is letting on. He has never mentioned heart problems before.

I asked if his back/hip pain could be from his kidneys and he said no.

Even with all that, we did have a nice 2 week vacation.

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Lily said...

Has your husband ever been diagnosed with spinal stenosis? My husband has this, and he has very similar (horrible) pain to what you are describing. Lately, my husband's legs have just "given out" on him at random times, which make us think that a wheelchair is not too far in his future. We just came back from a camping trip, and he wasn't able to walk to or enjoy much of anything. This conditon puts pressure on the nerves in the spinal column. As for the other symptoms, it really does sound as if he may have had a heart attack. Hang in there... I do know how hard it is. When they are in so much pain, they don't see or care about ours!