Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hip replacement

There are some days when you have to laugh in order to not cry. His doctors have hold him he needs to have his left hip replaced. Seriously, I feel that if he would just lose 80 pounds....his hip wouldn't hurt. And I have to wonder where this will lead - the other hip and both knees next? He doesn't move. He doesn't even try to move. He sits on the sofa and will move to the chair in his office. And that's about it.

So I am going to start blogging the progress of this part of his diabetes. But first, another question. I have noticed (and researched) that it takes 2 years for the nerve endings to die. During that time, the pain is almost unbearable. But once the nerve endings are all dead....the pain goes away. Could it be that the nerve endings in and around his hip are dying off and that is the major source of the pain? That if he can hold off a bit longer, perhaps he won't need the hip replaced?

Aside from that.....I was gone all of last week. Went to visit my mom and my sis. Actually my sis picked me up and then he was supposed to drive up to her house to pick me up. Come last Friday, his hip hurt too much for him to make the drive. So my prediction is that he will do less and less until he gets it replaced. Note - he was just fine until a doctor "told" him that he needed it replaced. Yes, he had hip pain off and on....but now it never ends. So I think much of it is subliminal - you tell him he needs surgery and he will just get worse until the surgery is performed.

And the there's the issue of anesthesia. His kidney doctor has told him that he cannot be put out because his kidney function is so low. How are they going to do hip replacement? With a local? A saddle block? OIY!!!

Then comes the other issues to consider. He will have to rent a hospital bed for the main floor as the bedrooms are all upstairs. That's not a problem. But there's no shower on the main floor. So bed baths? His comment - of course that's something "I" could do for him! I just had to laugh! Don't think so.....I didn't say that outloud...but I was sure thinking it! In fact, I was thinking hip surgery = another trip to mom's for me! LOL!

I honestly have no idea if/when he will have the surgery, but I do see his physical condition deterriorating as he now believes that he needs this surgery. I'll just post back as things develop. But for now, life is going pretty good in general.


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