Monday, January 26, 2009

Changing my last post to say....

It's not so much that things are going too smooth - it's that I've become too complacent. It hit me yesterday that he is yelling at me about something every single day. I just ignore it. I don't let it get to me. I think I've become numb! Most days I can't even remember what it was because it's so stupid. I know one day he went ballistic because he couldn't find his laundry basket. Which was in the back of the closet loaded with snorkeling gear from our cruise last October. So he had not needed/wanted/used it in 3 months!

You sort of have to laugh. If you don't, you will cry.

There was the day he was screaming at me because I had ruined his wire clippers. I tried to tell him they were "my" wire clippers but to no avail and just walked away. Yesterday, I found his perfectly mint wire clippers in the upstairs closet in the exercise room where he had left them over a year ago when he was putting in the new wall-mount TV.


But I do know that these incidences still seem to be about 10:30 am - when he seems to go into a low - because he refuses to eat breakfast. So I just continue to ignore them. And totally forget them.

I also happen to realize that my headaches are returning with an increased frequency. Wonder if the 2 are related! LOL!!!

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Anonymous said...

I relate to your feeling numb. Some days, I wish I could get to "numb," as it is so hard not to react to my Type 1 husband's mood swings, and almost daily "freaking out" over nothing! Some days, I just take up residence in our finished basement, and work on some of my creative pursuits. He finds it difficult to go up or down the stairs, so I can at least put some space between us when needed. I so much miss being able to really enjoy a whole day with him, as I am constantly on my guard.