Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The amazing body

He is sleeping on the sofa right now. Snoring like all get out. The interesting thing is that his feet will go through spasms of severe shaking when he stops breathing due to his sleep apnea. It's like his feet shake to alert him that he needs to breathe. I think this is just an amazing pattern and think the bod is incredible.

Looking at his feet, the carcot and gout are just as bad as ever, but no open sores, so much to be thankful for.

He was awake most of last night with a severe migraine headache which has stayed with him almost all day. He didn't eat anything til 3:00 pm. And he's been sleeping since 4 pm. (It's 6:30 now). I'm oping when he wakes up the headache will be gone.

I really should get the video camera out and shoot his shaking foot, his snoring, his sleep apnea. Problem is by the time I found the camera, he'll be awake.



cherylharrell (Mrs Harrell) said...

My diabetic hubby snores bad. The drs told him he didn't have sleep apnea. His noring keeps me up so I got him back. I taped him snoring one night & put the video on You Tube lol. He was a good sport about it tho.

I still have to nag him about testing his sugars tho. he used to be so good about it but now he is kinda lax. & here I test mine several times a week since I'm diabetic too. I'm gonna hev to bug him again to make an appt with the podiatrist. He keeps forgetting to make it. Hes toenails are super long by now I bet.

Good luck with you & your hubby & his diabetes...

Anonymous said...

DW - Good day to you! I had posted once before on here and I am a newly diagnosed Type II. It's been about six week since i started my diet program and Metformin. I'm a big man - bigger than your husband, I daresay. I need to lose about 100 pounds, but over the past six weeks, due to diet and exercise, I've dropped about 20. So far, so good.

My wife and I have been attending prescribed diabetes education classes for the past month. The teach you how to eat, diet, and work towards avoiding late stage complications. I'm not on insulin and my readings are already coming into balance.

Now - I have had two classes to date and so far I have been the ONLY person in the class who was compliant. THE ONLY PERSON!! Each class has begun with a round robin discussion and everyone spent their ten minutes griping about how they couldn't avoid pizza or about how someone brought donuts to work or about how they had to travel and couldn't be bothered to pack lunch. When it came my turn, I had nothing to offer. I just said, well, I'm doing fine. A whole wheat English muffin for breakfast, a whole wheat and cheese sandwich with an apple for lunch, and a fillet of salmon, a veggie, and a salad and I'm doing fine. If I need something sweet I'll eat sliced plum with a little balsamic vinegar drizzled on it. T

Today, one of the ladies in the class got angry at me! "Well," she said, "I bet you don't do all that cooking!" My wife spoke up: "Yes he does! He's the cook - I can't even boil water." I actually find it easier and cheaper to eat my diabetic meals and to just grab a salad and a wheat roll at restaurants than to make a big lasagna, like before.

I was so thrown off kilter I asked the educator if I was in the wrong class-I thought this was a class for non-compliants. She signed and told me that it was always like this...

DW, my heart breaks for you because I'm learning just how preventable expansion of this disease can be if people will just take a little personal responsibility and learn to eat a little better and get some exercise. This disease doesn't always have to end in tragedy. But it's up to the diabetic. And so far, most diabetics I've met do not do what they're supposed to do!!

I just don't understand...

Diabeteswife said...

Dear Anonymous,
I would just love to give you a hug!!! Good for you - losing 20 pounds, doing the cooking, eating right! Give yourself one full year and you will lose that entire 100 pounds!

And a hug to your wife for supporting you. I truly believe diabetes can be controlled with diet and exercise. But it's the person with diabetes that has to "believe" and want to work at making it a success. I congratulate you for being compliant and agree that I don't understand why others can't be.

I know that it takes 4 days to get over the hunger and cravings when you start a compliant diet - and I've done it, so I know it's true. But 4 days is so little compared to a lifetime. I also understand how difficult it is to turn down a birthday cake, or pizza (just happens to be my all time fav food) or a Galaxy bar (happens to be something wonderful from England!) But I've done it. And to no avail. Hubby just runs to the store and gets what he wants whenever he wants it.

Ignore those women who get angry with you. Stick to the plan and you will outlive all of them.


Diabeteswife said...

Ms. Harrell

I laughed good when I read your comment! I should do the same thing - video him and put it on youtube! LOLOL! I doubt my hubby would think it funny at all! But maybe I could do it an he'd never find out!

Thanks for the chuckle!