Thursday, September 27, 2007

A lovely day!

Finally, I am on vacation!!! I took off this morning and went to visit the ocean...alone! Then I went to my favorite little dress shop on earth and although I didn't buy a thing, I had so much fun looking and trying things on! A few more sizes...perhaps the next trip here....and I WILL be making some purchases! But no sense buying when I plan to shrink out of it! :o)

From there I visited an old buddy at an antique shop....then had lunch with 2 gal pals that are artists...that I knew before any of us turned to art. After that, I visted yet another artist friend. Such a wonderful day seeing friends I haven't seen in nearly a year. I do need to come visit a bit more often. It's good for the soul!

Hubby did not get the results of the re-take of the kidney function test hopefully sometime tomorrow. We are sort of in limbo as we don't really know if he is still going to have foot surgery on Tuesday.

We did agree on a location if we decide to move here...but so far, his feet have shown no improvement on this trip. So perhaps there is no relationship to altitude and feet.....but I still much prefer the temperate climate....and the thought of no seasons is just fine with me. I do think I could live anywhere along a southern seashore....the Atlantic, Pacific or Gulf Coast. I love the ocean and I love the climate.

But a note to self....he has been sleeping more and more this week. Taking naps between work related calls during the day. I heard him snoring at 10 am this morning! He's snoring now. The doctor has taken him off the meds for his uric acid problem...because of the creatinine level reading....and I imagine that also has something to do with his feet not improving here.

It doesn't end, does it?

I've also been wondering this week.....for all the tell-tale signs that I can see on the outside of his body....the gnarls on his feet, the uric acid boils, the red inflamed joints in his wrists, and the open sores on his arms....what must be going on inside of him? It just makes you wonder.

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