Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thanks Robin!

I had started to post this morning, then deleted it because I thought, "oh why? Why share any more of my story with anyone else?" And then Robin's post came though.....so here I am again. But first, Thanks Robin for posting. I really do hope you get it all under control before it get's so out of control you can't. And I think that's where my hubby is....just so far out of control that there is no way to control this.

I've found a photo of what his feet look like and will try to post it here in my blog. No, I'm not going to photograph his feet....as he is totally unaware of my blog. This is "my" space....the place where I can vent. This is where I write my notes, my thoughts, my feelings. This is where I come when there is no place else for me to go.

This past week, he has had pain in his lower back. I have not had the energy to research this. But his pain has been disabling. He spent the entire weekend on the sofa. Thank goodness for me....I had a weekend away with my girlfriends....much needed laughing therapy! I left him on the sofa and came home to him on the sofa! I actually asked him if he had moved at all over the weekend! LOL!

He has cut the back out of his shoes and is now walking with his heels hanging over the backs of them. He's going out less and less as he can't walk much right now.

On the up side, his uric acid level is down from 11.6 to 6.0. Incredible progress on that one....between the meds and going off all red meat, I think we are on the right path with that. However....at 30% kidney function....I'm not sure how much longer what he has remaining is going to last.

So here's todays "food" for thought. He is on at least 20 different prescription drugs. Kidney function must be "stretched to the max" processing drugs. These are all in addition to the insulin injections that he receives. He's on meds for blood pressure, arthritis, pain, diahrrea, gout and just a whole lot of other problems that continue to crop up. And it seems that with each new drug, there are new additional side effects. Some of those are controlled with even more drugs. Yes, you should see our bathroom.

The funny thing is that you couldn't find a single pill in our house that would help if your nose started running, you got a sneeze or had a bad cough! LOL!

I think the more meds he takes, the less I am willing to take anything. I have worked hard and long to get myself off all drugs and have succeeded. Although I wonder at my age how long that will last and am seriously thinking I need to start something for my arthritis. But I am procrastinating and I know why!

Yesterday, I spent the day in a chemo unit with a dear friend who is going through breast cancer. As I looked around me, at nearly 50 other people receiving injections....all in various stages of that horrible disease, I realized that I am blessed. All I'm dealing with is diabetes. And as horrible as this disease is, I do not yet think it is as devastating as cancer can be to some.

Laughter is perhaps the best healing medicine of all time. I've had a fabulous weekend with dear old pals and we just laughed and laughed. So much so that I do think my jaws are still hurting.

Hopefully, one day soon, I can look back and find something about diabetes to chuckle about.


Robin said...

Hi, again. And I'm glad you're still posting!

I've seen feet like that before. It looks so painful. :( I am glad that despite the physical limitations, his ulric acid is improving. Is he going to need a transplant for his kidney?

Augh. That's a lot of meds. My stepdad and Mom have prescriptions for their various issues too (He has Gout and high blood pressure. Mom has high blood pressure and asthma). But most of the bottles are various vitamins and antioxidants. Myself? I hate taking meds. Hate it. I take my blood pressure medicine every day, but I forget my vitamins (I left them at Mom's last time... so I'll have to buy more). And I really don't like the idea of adding on to the pile. x.x

I wonder what all you can do for arthritis that doesn't involve taking some sort of pill. o.o I guess it's worth asking your doctor about.

Cancer is harsh. Both my grandmothers died of complications involving cancer. :( Heart disease is awful, too, but tends to be quick -- at least it was with my Dad and my granddaddy. I guess it's one of those things where you just do your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It's never too late to start, though. And I know you hope that for your husband. But it has to be something he wants. Same with me. I wanted to lose weight for the longest time, but now faced with diabetes on the horizon, it's my want for better health - not my weight issue, that compels me. I don't know what it would be to compel him to make that change, this far into the rabbit hole. But I will pray.

I am so glad you had a great time with your friends. :) You sound like you really needed that. And even with the few years I have to my name, I'm sure laughter is essential for health. :)

One thing you have to say about those with high glucose levels? We really are sweet! ^_^;;;

I was searching for information regarding exercise and diabetes and found this interview. I think it's pretty informative, and it touches on a lot of subjects. I hope you find something useful for your DH in it? I don't know. :)

I was thinking if the water is okay for his foot, that he might be able to do stretching exercises or walking in the pool. When I was a teen, I had some severe problems with pain in my leg and back... and it was with water therapy that I made my greatest strides, so I really hope maybe that could be something he'd at least try. I'll cross my fingers for you both. :)

I am getting over a cold right now, so I went to the doctor today. Good news, all around! My cold is clearing up and my glucose level is nearly normal! Wow! 118! I'm so happy. :)

Diabeteswife said...

He goes in for his 6 month check on Thursday, so hopefully we will have new stats the first of next week. It's unknown on the transplant. Probably dialysis first and I'm hoping that's 5 years or more away.

I asked if I could go with him and he said "no". It makes me really wonder if he is telling me the truth or not.

His company changed their life insurance carrier and he said this weekend that he is going to increase it as he can do it with no medical because of the change. Sort of made me wonder if he is trying to tell me something? I think I'll go into denial on that one.

He hurts too bad to exercise (at least that is what he says) and he will NOT go near a pool! LOL! We do have a jacuzzi and he won't even get in that now...it's too much "work". He truly does need some form of exercise, but once again....he must make that decision.

I'm blogging to relieve my frustration over his unwillingness to change. He may be stuck in denial, stubborn, or just too old to care. I'm not sure what it is. I really am trying my best to enjoy the good days.

Last week, we had friends visit from overseas. He was in such a horrible mood and had gone into the office on the day or their arrival. He called and was such a grump that I told him NOT to come home unless he could change his attitude!!! Well...he did a 180 turnaround and our visit with our friends for the next 2 days was wonderful. So I know that when he puts his mind to it...he can be a bit of fun to be around.

Today is not too bad. He is on the phone, yelling at his staff....and I'm in my studio creating! I did leave once as it got too loud, but has been ok since I came home from running errands. I do seem to have tons of errands these days! :o)

I also bought him a foot bath, a foot massager, and a parafen wax bath....thinking they might help relieve the pain in his feet. He says it's too much "work" to do even one of them. So hey! I'm using them! And I highly recommend them for anyone whether you have feet problems or not!

Hope your cold stays away and that your sugar stays down!