Thursday, April 19, 2007

Drive thru diet soda

Went to Taco Bell for lunch, in the drive thru and ordered a diet pepsi. Drove away, 2 blocks before I took a sip and it was cherry pepsi. So I turned around, drove back, got out of the car and went in to make the exchange because the line in the drive thru was just too long to go that route again.

And I wondered.....what would all that sugar do to a diabetic? I'm not sure my hubby can tell the difference in taste. Often, I will get a soda and think it's not diet, but not be able to tell, ask him to take a sip, and he can't tell.

But I know the sugars in a loaded soda are so much higher than in a diet and just started wondering where the responsibility is with fast food chains? ( answer needed as we know they don't presume to be resposible for anything!)

What if this had been a child with diabetes and they handed them a soda rather than a diet soda?

So I came home and sent Taco Bell's website an email complaint. Not that I assume they will actually read it, but wouldn't it be nice if there were enough people emailing them (and all the other fast food chains) and they actually started to pay attention to what went out the window?

We used to have 2 McDonald's in our town. One has exceptional service and never gets and order wrong. The other constantly gave out the wrong order and the wrong change. I can't tell you how often I've emailed a complaint on that store. Believe it or not, they went out of business last year. I doubt it was my emails...but maybe they had some small part in it....or maybe everyone else in town was complaining as well!

Someone should invent a meter that you can place inside the soda that identifies which drink it is! I would buy that!


Biby Cletus said...

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mel said...

I've heard that if you dip a ketone strip into a glass of soda, it will indicate if it is regular or diet. I've never tried it, but I've heard multiple people state it.

I just ate at a restaurant with my brother--he ordered a reg. coke, I ordered diet. Mine came with a little red stirrer; his without. Took us both a little while to realize that our sodas tasted awful and we had the wrong ones--darn, deceptive little stirrer!

Scott said...

I hate when they give me regular instead of diet! BTW, I like your blog design ... I've had the same one since 2005 and still like it!

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the diabetics could give up soda altogether and focus on healthier beverages?

My kids make their own carbonated beverages by flavoring seltzer with a bit of fruit jiuce - just be careful not to make it too sweet!

Robin said...

I'm trying to wean myself off diet sodas, little by little. Tough to do. ^^

Anyway, yeah, I've had such nonsense to put up with from various fast food places and have prettymuch given up on them, save for the rare, every once and awhile BK croissanwich or Jr. Whopper.

Taco Bell and Subway especially. One gave me a tortilla fried in old oil and the other had a piece of plastic in my sandwich (big enough to choke on!).

Diabeteswife said...

I am on day 5 of no soda. I thought on day 3 I would die...but now I think I will be ok. I get such horrible headaches when I go off of soda. I am hoping that hubby will agree to go off when I get back home. (I'm spending a week with my sisters 3 hours from home).