Sunday, July 30, 2006

Just for me!!!

Well, I said I'd been busy while hubby was at his parent's this week. I am having the best time! I purchased new suction hooks for the shower walls and hung all kinds of new lufa and scrub brushes up. Took the parafen foot bath and the foot spa into the bathroom and ran extension cords along the floor so I can sit on the corner of the tub and do my feet (ok...I'll probably electrocute myself, but I think I have it so I'll be ok! LOL!)

I decided to turn our master bathroom into a spa. How fun is that? I need to find a small padded chair to put in there and then I will be all set! I'm thinking one of those folding director's chairs that I can fold up and put out of the way.

Now, mind you, I'm doing this compeltely and totally for myself. But who knows....maybe he will decide to take better care of his feet if I start pampering myself?

I used to be so bored on Sunday nights. You know, when you were a kid, you saved all your homework for Sunday night and did it then because there was never anything going on. So as a young adult, I started a ritual of "Sunday night Spa night" and I would burn candles and soak in bubble bath and primp all night long.

Somewhere in the past 25 years, I quit doing that. I think it's time to start it up again. I think tonight will be the first of many "Spa nites".

Again...just doing something totally just for me!!! :o)

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