Sunday, July 30, 2006

Crashing all day long?

Well, I finally got us in to a diabetic a couple of weeks! But she sure made an interesting observation when she was talking on the phone. She said it sounds like hubby is crashing all day long. Well, I sure had not thought of that. But what if....his sugar is low, so his body's normal reaction is to get angry, in order to produce adrenaline, in increase the sugar to get it back up....and he's exhausted, so he takes a nap and when he wakes up, he is low....and he's in this vicious, constant, never-ending cycle.

Pretty much his pattern most days. When he's awake, he's mad and yelling...and then he sleeps! He is needing more and more naps throughout the day, and most every day of the week.

She asked me to have him test his sugar level before each meal and before bed for the next 2 weeks. Well, he is out of town at the moment, but I did call and ask if he would do that.

So my next question. How do I/we know that he is writing down an honest test reading? Oh! You think he wouldn't lie about that? Why not? This is the man who is still in denial that he has a disease that is not going to go away. This is the man who went 5 months without putting on a pair of shoes. This is a man who will do anything to prove he is right, so yes, of course, he will write down any number that he thinks is good.

I'm sure that whatever the log shows, it will be near perfect. Problem is, it doesn't help at all because the counselor will not have accurate readings and she will be trying to figure out why he is having all these problems when his blood sugar is normal.

On the up side...I've had a wonderful week! I feel so rested! I've been getting 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. No foot flopping on the bed. No sudden jerks and jumps from the other side of the bed! Getting so much done around the house. All my month end assignments are done and in the mail. Even visited with my sister for a couple of days. But how sad that hubby has to go away for me to feel this much relief. I can almost completely forget that our lives are so controlled by this disease when he is gone.

Oh....I had pizza rolls and chocolate brownies this week! How fun!!! But it will all be gone by tomorrow when he flies home! I have to go back to being "good"! LOLOL!

How many other spouses out there are just like me? The spouse with diabetes leaves and you RUN for sugar? LOLOL!!!!

And how many of you have separate bedrooms just so you can get a good nights sleep? I'm thinking I may be spending more and more time in the guest bedroom!

Ok, back to my chocolate! :o)


Judy said...

Honestly, I can't sleep when he's gone. It makes me nervous that he's crashing and I'm not there to get him out. I wish I could relax and enjoy my time, but I never can. That’s why I never go anywhere without him… but that doesn’t stop him from going somewhere without me!

AnnaQ said...

Judy, I'm exactly the same. Always worrying when I'm not there with him, but so much less now that he has a CGMS.

Wife of a Diabetic: Does his glucose meter keep track of his measurements? I would imagine the counselor would find it a lot easier (and more accurate!) to download those.

Diabeteswife said...

What? you mean his meter keeps a record of his sugar levels???

Thinking there is a midnight raid coming do I download them? LOLOL!!!

Seriously...he won't even show me his meter!

Judy said...

Anna - thanks - I'm looking into the CGMS - just received the paradigm pump for specifically that reason (he's been using the old 507c pump for 8 years) and hoping i'll convince him soon to take the next step

diabeteswife - Yes, the meter keeps track of the readings - the dates, times, and averages over the last 30 days or so - depending on the meter. Hope your midnight raid proved informational

Bernard said...

I've three suggestions.

First, read the New York Times article What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage. It's funny and it may give you some ideas to help change hubbie's behavior.

Finally, get hold of a copy of the book Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud. (There's also Boundaries in Marriage.) It may give you some strategies for dealing with your hubbie. You can probably borrow it from your local library.

After you've read the book, my last suggestion is to think about getting a second meter that's the same model as the one that he has. Then swap them from time to time and that way you can get all the data though you might not want to look at. What meter brand is he using? Some of us have old meters lying around and could send you one.

I wish you patient endurance, though it sounds like you have a lot of that already.