Tuesday, December 29, 2015

So bad it's almost funny

If you have followed this blog over the years, you will know that I have given up.  My mantra, "you can't fix stupid"!

So we were at the in-laws place finalizing some estate stuff and left to drive home Sunday afternoon.  We were packing up and I started asking him questions, "do you need to take...." and he got pissy and said, "I have my checklist and I will get it when I get to the list."

I shut up and packed up my stuff.

We got 6 hours away and he realized he did not pack his insulin.  I had seen it in the refrain....but it was on his "check list".

We found a hotel and yesterday morning, he called the pharmacy.  Made up a lie rather than simply telling them he forgot it 6 hours back.  They needed to check with is doc to see if they could refill it.

I drove the next 6 hours.  Got to the pharmacy which is an hour away from our home and they had gotten the doc's ok, but they don't stock Humulin R U-500 - they would have it today.

Today, he drove the hour and they had no record of any phone calls.  No Humulin.  Will have it tomorrow after 1 pm.

That means he missed 40U Sunday, 80U Monday, 80 U today and at least 40U tomorrow.

Yep, he is about a cranky as I have ever seen him.  Pretty much slammed the door shut to his room, not speaking to me, grumbling, snorting, trying desperately to piss me off every time he surfaces.

But this is his problem, not mine.  All of it.  I went to see my sisters today and we had a great time.  Then I unpacked most of what I brought home and now I'm cleaning the teapot, bread machine, etc., that he had been using down there the last 3 years.  I swear, the man never cleaned a thing.  The toaster oven (it's a $350 oven or I'd throw it away) is so bad....but I'm making progress.  Exhausted.  But ever so grateful to be home.

Am I worried that he might go into a coma? Of course I am.  I'll deal with it if and when it happens.  There is nothing I can do to make him think, reason, plan....I have learned.  He is like a bull in a china shop - going to do it his way, every step of the way!  I just sit back and watch.  It is his body, his disease, and he won't listen to me, gets upset when I remind him of things or ask him about things.....so yep,  I simply sit here and wonder why anyone would treat their body the way he treats his.

Most of the drive home, I pondered his need to lie to the pharmacy and how much he must be lying to me.  I wonder if he lies because he lies to himself about his diabetes?  Interesting thought.

At least we are home. :)


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TomsWife said...

Ugh! It is totally not funny!

We have such different t-1 husbands

and yet the stress isn't so different, yes?