Thursday, December 24, 2015

Eyesight and filth

I understand that diabetes will attack the eyes.  Hubby has been having events which he calls white migraines.  He will get the headache, everything goes white and he cannot see.

But I'm wondering about other vision.  He had cornea transplants at age 30 and now wears hard lenses over soft lenses in both eyes which are supposed to correct his vision to 20/40.

We are at the in-laws working on some estate issues.  I pray this is my last trip here.  I left in May and he came home in August.  He's been here for 2 weeks this time and I flew in yesterday.

I cannot begin to describe how filthy the toilet is.  Stuff piled everywhere in this tiny place.  It's like he comes in and just lays things down wherever there is a spot.

So I have started cleaning.  Can he not see the urine stains on the rug under the toilet?  Or is it that he just down't care?  Can he not see that the stopper in the sink is covered with toothpaste skum?  Or does he just not notice?

I am packing up everything that is mine and taking it home this trip.  So do I even care?  He can keep this place as a place to stay when he comes to visit his brother.  Our "real" house is quite small and I don't have room for much, so I will leave everything here except for personal items.  I simply can't keep up with the cleaning - I just cleaned his bathroom at home when he left for this trip!

The piles that I have to look at are gone, the bathroom is clean.  I have packed several boxes already.  I think I'm done for the day.  And's the day before Christmas.  Not exactly what I planned to be doing but a bathroom at McDonald's was cleaner than this one!

May 2016 bring great joy to your life and may your non-compliant diabetic have their blinders removed!


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TomsWife said...

So sorry that it just doesnt get any better for you. at least you have your cozy home for retreat.