Monday, February 13, 2012

Dear DW,
I can no longer hold back. I found your blog a long time ago. I too had a non compliant D hubby. He was dxd Type 2 at age 33. I was pregnant with our first child. Within the year he was on insulin injections. Six years later when our second son was dxd Type 1 we learned that was actually the type hubby had too. Genetics. Three years later our third son was dxd Type1. AND two years ago, child four, our only daughter, was dxd Type 1. 
Would I not have my children had I known? Sure would have! Would I marry my hubs all over, knowing now that we would only have one year of marriage not effected by D? YES!! Do I pray that my sugar babies find someone who helps them? Nightly! Does it stop them or us from doing anything? Heck NO! 
Yeah, it takes more planning and Diabetes is a royal pain and full of inconsistencies. Even from person to person. Heat raises one, lowers another. 
We have lost a lot of our social life. Is that because of D or having four children? Who knows. 
I do know that my hubby and I talk every day. I ask him about his D. He is in charge of his care. I do rescue him more than I care to admit. But, he's real good at thanking me, letting me talk and letting me cry. We take care of the kids together. Everyone has ideal A1c and no complications. 


Dear Donna,

Everyone has an ideal A!C and no complications?  How lucky are you!  But if you have read anything in my blog, you know that is not the case in my life.  My husband's A1c is 10.5 and there's probably not much about his health that's not a complication right now.  If you read the header to my blog, you will know that.

So I'm not sure where you are going?  I understand the possibility of having a compliant family.  But that is an individual choice my husband made not to do.

And you have just proven my point.  3 of your 4 children are diabetic and what are the chances they will pass it on to their children?  And yes, as long as they remain compliant, eat healthy, take care of themselves, they will have a long life.

But what if they dont?

"I do rescue him more than I care to admit".....sort of contradicts "no complications" and "he is in charge of his care".  

Whether you want to admit it or not, diabetes has changed your everyday life.

I'm not trying to be mean, just realistic.  I'm not saying that diabetics cannot have happy families, I know that they can.  This blog is about the reality of what happens to your body, to your life, to your family when you do not take care of your physical self and how diabetic neuropathy causes so many problems.  The divorce rate for diabetics with 1 or more children is something like 83%.  I'd say you are very blessed!

Continued good success to you and yours!


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