Monday, January 23, 2012

New labs

A1c is 10.5.  It's continuing to climb upwards.
Triglycerides are climbing - up to 1451.

He has his annual physical tomorrow.  I'm not going.  I sure hope he talks to his doc about the gas he's been having.

My sis is here and we are having fun.  We are converting the exercise room into a studio/bedroom.  I am already sleeping so much better and I think he is too.  I think he wants me in the same room with him, but he is really understanding that at this point, we need separate rooms.  We have sort of converted the MBR into a man-cave and he likes it.  We are painting browns, blacks, creams and arranged the furniture so he has a big overstuffed recliner he can rest in as well as his bed.

I'm doing so much better now that I'm sleeping all night long.  I usually spend an hour or so watching TV with him before I head off to bed - that seems to keep him happy as well.

It also seems that when my sister is here, he is on his best behavior.  So life is good at the moment!

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Lilly said...

I am so happy for you that you are finally getting your own room. Makes a world of difference when you can sleep! Sounds like it will be nice for both of you, as hubby is getting his "man cave" as well. Fantastic.