Monday, July 18, 2011

Return manipulation

For lack of a better term...he won't paint, so I told him I won't clean up after the dogs anymore. I will no longer put away food that he leaves in the counter. I will no longer take the dirty dishes that he puts in the sink in the dishwasher for him.

About once a day I'm finding something else I won't be doing for him anymore.

I think he's going to end up picking up a paint brush yet! LOL!!!

I'm taking the week off and going up to my sisters again. Finished the kitchen, breakfast nook, and 2 walls in the family room. That included 9 huge windows, a door and a regular sized window. Have been at this nonstop for 10 days and need a break. But it is starting to look wonderful!!

Might just get as good at this as DW2!!



Lilly said...

Just wondering, but will he even notice? I find that these things just get left undone when I don't do them, as hubby neither notices or seems to care most of the time. Hopefully, you will have better luck with this than I have had!

Good for you that you are getting away, and it also sounds as if you have gotten a LOT accomplished on those windows, which has to make you feel better. Enjoy your time away.


Diabeteswife said...

Well, Lilly, he's feeding the dogs, changing their pads, he's putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher...putting food back in the fridge, and today he fixed a blin that had fallen down and got it hanging again. Seems to be working a little!

Lilly said...