Tuesday, December 27, 2011


He went to see his eye doctor today and he has cataracts.  Now, that wouldn't be any big deal, except he has had his corneas replaced, so removing the cataracts will be a bit more complex than normal surgery.

The doctor said he can put it off til summer.  I think the guy just doesn't want to have any more surgery of any type.

So, until then, I will be doing all the driving.

What next?


sar said...

Sorry to hear that he requires additional surgery. The problem with cataracts are they are progressive and the vision declines and declines.

Doing all the driving is not such a bad thing since their illness affects their ability to drive safely. They are road rage personified. I would much rather drive than ride with H.

Lilly said...

I am so sorry to hear this, for both of you!

My hubby also has the "beginning?" of cataracts, but his ophthalmologist doesn't want to touch them unless they get worse. So, he is still driving, etc., but ALL the lights go on in the house every night, as he claims he can't see otherwise.