Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The inability to take care of oneself

Ya think the date on his meter is off?  LOL!!!  He submitted this for the last month's reading.  Who knows.....maybe he's living in the future?  He tells me he's taking his glucose 4 or more times a day.  Hmmmm......

7/27/11 23:40:00 180
7/28/11 13:16:43 257
7/29/11 9:42:45 300
7/30/11 13:10:38 306
7/31/11 7:34:00 169
8/1/11 13:26:14 261
8/2/11 9:41:54 168
8/3/11 11:23:13 124
8/4/11 8:42:45 156
8/5/11 11:55:39 111
8/6/11 8:23:34 200
8/7/11 23:35:58 216
8/8/11 17:37:41 197
8/9/11 12:41:12 189
8/10/11 8:31:11 172
8/11/11 23:23:16 206
8/12/11 18:20:42 300
8/13/11 11:16:27 238
8/14/11 8:24:22 278
8/15/11 17:31:38 192
8/16/11 8:51:28 183

and the doctor didn't make a comment about the dates, she just sent back an order to increase his insulin.

Highs up to 306.  elevated BP, high heart rate.  What do you think?

And no, he still hasn't called his heart doc about his bp meds.

I'm simply documenting the ride.  Nothing else.  

Nothing else I can do.



Anonymous said...

wow! no one ever said that diabetics were realistic! ha ha

or that they tell the truth!
A couple of years ago, when Tom was out of control I asked to see his monitor readings he refused -- told me it was not my business.

of course that led to an argument -- me walking out -- etc etc

now I never ask

because I may see garbage like that and there is nothing I can do to change it and it just irritates me so why bother....

you are an angel.....

keep documenting
even if you can't help him
maybe some doc somewhere may be able to use it somewhere else to help someone else??????

wishful thinking???????

hang on to your patience.....

Angela said...

I had to inwardly laugh about this one. It is such a man thing ot ignor something like that. My husbands doctor gives him a new meter every 6 months and we don't have a copay for it. I am suprised the doctor did not offer a new meter. Like my mother always tells me, it is not only my husband that acts like a child, it is every woman's husband.