Sunday, July 31, 2011

I think he's in trouble

The latest bp med is not working. His bp is ranging from about 156/82 upwards to 180/110.  He has had a headache all week now.  His heart rate is around 110 most times that he takes it.

I've suggested that he call his cardiologist on Monday and simply ask her to put him back on atenolol.  It worked great.

Because his bp is up, his sugar has gone out of whack as well.  Running high and he's not really eating all that much this week.

So, he's had a headache for a week.  You can just imagine his emotional state.  Grumpy would put it mildly!  Irritated.  Agitated.  Quick to yell at anything and anyone.

I've simply distanced myself from him.  Sent my sister home this morning.  She's seen a "different" side of him this week and now she's not always saying what a great guy he is!  And while she and I have had a great time, it's been overshadowed by his grumpiness and her outbursts that I need to leave him and move in with her.

Pretty tempting at the moment.  But I know it's not the answer.  And I do love him and would miss him terribly.

I was also wondering the impact of long term hot weather on diabetics.  It certainly must come into play. So I decided to research it.

If you are less active than normal, your insulin requirements might change.

You need to drink more water.  Diabetics whose blood glucose is not under control are more likely to dehydrate.

Those with diabetes are more susceptible to overheating.

People with diabetes have an impaired ability to sweat, which predisposes them to heat-related illnesses.

And of course, take extra caution with your insulin.

I think hubby and I are doing most of these, although he's probably not drinking enough water.

So, the heat, the bp meds not working, his glucose not being in control, the headaches and bad moods....I'm pretty sure he's in trouble again.



Lilly said...

Idiot doctors. Why couldn't they just leave well enough alone??? Sometimes, we really do know what's best for us and/or our hubbies, even if it doesn't get the medical stamp of approval. Hoping you can get him back on the med that was working for him.

As for heat bothering diabetics more, I know it definitely does for my husband. He does very little outdoors when it is hot anymore, as it just isn't worth it.

Take care and hang in there,


Anonymous said...

Its never easy