Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Add one, minus one.....

We have a new blogger.  JoannD.    Just check on the right side of my blog.  She asked a question on my post yesterday, but she blogged the topic, so go there and answer her.

And did we lose "new to this" or is her blog just down?  I can't seem to connect.  I always worry when someone disappears!

But I also know how hard it is to write about this.  It's hard enough to live the ups and downs of living with a diabetic.....let alone take the time and find the emotional strength to write about it.  There are days when I can't write.  There are times when I have to walk away from everything.  But there are also days when I NEED to write my feelings down.

So here are my tips for blogging about this:

1. Don't force yourself to write.  Let it come naturally.
2.  If you need to leave for awhile, think nothing of it.  It's your blog - handle it the way you want.
3.  If you need to spill your guts, just do it!
4.  Don't worry if no one ever leaves a comment.  Write for you.  Write to document your life.  To keep a record of what happens.  Write as though you are writing to yourself, for yourself.
5.  If you get negative comments, hit the delete button and don't give it a second thought.  There are a lot of idiots out there.  No one can understand what you are going through except you.
6.  When you start out, start slow.  Don't try to tell the whole story all at once. Just write about what's important at the moment.  The rest will come over time.
7.  Don't argue with others. Don't argue with yourself.  It's not an argument, it's a documentary.
8.  More than anything else, write what's on your mind.  Good or bad. Happy or sad.



sar said...

Great advise.

Anonymous said...

New to This - let me know that she is ok. Her site is down due to complications that are out of her hands. She will try to send me notes and I will try my best to share her thoughts confidentially.
I feel badly for her - but will do what I can to help. its all we can do. she said to thank you for asking.

Lilly said...

Tom's Wife,
Thanks so much for letting us know! Thought it might be something like that.

Diabetes Wife,
Thanks for sharing your blog suggestions. It was you who gave me the courage to start my own!