Monday, May 02, 2011

Ignoring it better or worse???

My sis and her hubby arrived Saturday and my Hubbard was in a horrible snit. I decided to ignore him! Sunday morning found my brother-in-law repairing our gas fireplace and hubby was in his office fiddling on his computer. I walked in and said, "he came down here to visit with you. You need to be out there helping him."

Hubby said he wanted to work on his computer. I said, you can do that late, now get out there and help!

So, they got the fireplace working again. Then they got the rails on the back deck tightened. Then we got a stain glass window out of an upper level window. They got the battery replaced on hubby's sportscar. We got their iPods hooked up and working. it was one thing after another all day long. Brother in law left this morning, but sis is spending the week. Hubby is sore and exhausted and still just totally grumpy. He went to bed at 6 pm. I taught sis how to do eBay and craigslist today. I think we listed 20 auctions. Watched a movie tonight. Got a walk in...down and around the lake and back. It is so wonderful to actually be doing things!

I have decided that all of hubby's doctors have released him with no follow ups for a year. So until one of them decides there is a problem, then there is no problem. And he is just going to have to chin up and start carrying his weight around here.

Tomorrow sis and I are going shopping. Will be another fun day!!

In the meantime, hubby is pissed and answering questions with one word, refusing to get engaged in conversations...trying hard to punish me. It's just not working!



Mike said...

Wowza! Not sure what I'd do actually. Does he take insulin?

Lilly said...

Maybe it's not working because you didn't do anything that deserved punishing? Enjoy your week; you need some quality time with someone who does not find fault with you!

Anonymous said...

lol...what is he in a snit about? It sounds like everything is going great.

Oh, these guys. Are they only happy when everybody in the room is gathered around them running their numbers?

I'm finding all the posts I've read so far today funny. I guess I just need a day to laugh.

I hope he snaps out of it soon!


Diabeteswife said...

Mike, he's on humulin RU500 - concentrated insulin, 5x normal insulin. AM dose is anywhere between 7 am and 10 am. PM dose anytime between 6:30 pm and 10 pm. No, he does not stick to a schedule. And he does not tie insulin to meals.

N-t-t: I believe he's in a snit because I'm having a life of my own this week. :)

Lilly - I am having such a good time with my sis. Way too old for this much fun!!!

sar said...

Enjoy the good times. Do not let him rain on your parade. You deserve fun and happiness.