Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Heading home

Ok, get him a wheelchair at the airport!!! Best thing ever. Gets you to the front of the security line. Less time waiting. Less chance of sugar dropping. Less chance of arguments. Just give it a try and you will never go without one again.

Then we found a restaurant where I am serving the net on my iPad and having a Marguerite. I NEVER drink. But I am today. Late evening flights bother me. So much stress. Higher chance the plane is delayed and doesn't get here. Decidedmtoday to handle it with alcohol. LOL!! Should have started drinking at the beginning of our vacation, not the end.

Life will get back to normal tomorrow. While traveling is really hard these days, it's still worth it to spend a week with great friends and just get away from the everyday routine of life. Hope you've had a good week!


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Lilly said...

When traveling, wheelchairs are wonderful. We used these the last time we flew to visit my son, and my hubby quickly got over his objections about using them. What a difference! And margaritas sometimes are really helpful to those of us who are pushing the wheelchair. Happy for you that you had a good week!