Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Moving day is coming.....but no time soon.

Tom’s Wife wrote:  Oh gosh! this is probably the absolute wrong thing to say but does the VA help pay for someone to come in and help you? I know he would hate it but too bad if he is going to do stupid stuff like this? he needs someone who doesn't love him so much to watch over him hope that doesn't sound mean but its meant to sound supportive -- of you!

Sorry, but hubby is not a veteran.  We can get homecare through his insurance, but only when it is to keep him out of the hospital.  Everything else is self-pay.

Sar wrote:
OMG, that is the limit!!!! I think if I receive that call, I would have dialed 911 as I ran toward him. I would not have asked him if he wanted to go to RT. He would be going. No questions asked. I certainly am not trained or equiped to deal with this situation. Let the pros do it. By doing something like this, he would have waived his rights to call the shots. You should not have to clean up after him like this.

Well, Sar, our agreement is that we call hospice, not the hospital!  In the meantime, I do the work.  Just another reason I am wanting to move out of this place and get closer to my family as I can get breaks from him that way

Newtothis said: DW, What an awful day. Being a mom I can deal with a kid's vomit and what can come out of the other end, but another adult? For some reason that is completely different for me. How in the world did your's drink Caladrl? I get they are both pink but come on. One bottle is round and the other like a triangle. Just how much did he drink before he realized? A couple of months ago when my DH was given pain pills (Lortabs) I took a blue sharpie and marked the front of the bottle and the lid so my far-sighted DH wouldn't grab the wrong bottle and think it was his Metformin. The bottles are the exact same size and the pills are similar. I could see him taking the wrong pill in the morning and passing out at work. When he saw what I had done he laughed and told me, "Thank you." I pray tomorrow is a better day. S

I could never even deal with my own kid’s vomit!  I would gag and snort and vomit myself while cleaning it up. It was just horrible.  I think hubby was so sick he was just grabbing for anything.  He was looking for pink, not even thinking shape or size.  I think that’s a pretty common thing diabetics do when ill – not think.  He said he had taken a couple of gulps.  Hubby has had both corneas transplanted and wears hard lense over soft lenses to see.  So when he takes out his contacts, he couldn’t even see a blue marker on a bottle – he is completely blind.  So I guess I’m not surprised about him grabbing something pink. 

He is much better today.  I think it just scared the crap out of him.  He has thanked me over and over and I simply reply by telling him that the next time, he WILL call someone else to come take care of him.  Of course, we both know I will do it, but it sure feels good to tell him otherwise!

We have been talking about what to do with his anemia.  He has agreed to talk to a realtor.  So now, I need to get the house in good enough shape to have a realtor come by.  I’ve got a friend who’s hubby works in a box factory and I’m trying to get ahold of her to get some boxes to start packing things into.  I’m hoping to get our realtor friend over here within a week.  If nothing else, we will get a feeling for the market.  In the meantime, we have to sit tight and wait for his corporation to offer a retirement package.  They usually do it once a year, but we have no idea if/when it might be this year.  Things could happen almost overnight…..or it could take a couple of years.  But he has agreed we need to move into a one level house.  He’s having trouble getting his laundry downstairs.  I told him I’d find him a much smaller laundry basket and we’ll just do it more often. 

Tomorrow, I get the “thrill” of cleaning out his closet!  LOLOL!!!  The first of many steps to downsizing in order to get us moved.  I can’t wait! (said with tongue in cheek….if you could only see inside his closet!!!)


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sar said...

I hope you have an easy time getting ready and selling the house. Be sure to get something you like, not because he wants a particular place. You are the one who has to take care of him and you need some comfort of home to be able to cope with everything.

Whatever you do, don't wind up like me, living in a place you hate because of him. I wish you an easy move to a place you will love.