Thursday, March 24, 2011

making progress

He goes to get labs in the morning, so I thought I'd predict what they will be!

His A1c will be higher than it last was. He's eating more. When he tests, it's still in the 280s. The Endo keeps upping his insulin....but the numbers don't go down.

He will still be very anemic. I know this because he is still taking loads and loads of naps. Sleeping way too much. Only working half days.

I'm praying that his creatinine will maintain, but I have a suspicion that it is going back up. Hopefully not too much.

His cholesterol will be off the chart. He's eating red meat trying to get the red blood cell count back up.

So, when we get the results, I'll post and we'll see how I'm doing. LOL!

It's been a nice week to tell the truth. I've had a couple of days out with girlfriends. Did a little spring yardwork. Did a little playing in my studio. He's been pretty quiet. Not talking much. Sleeping a lot. Watching way too much TV. But it's keeping him quiet. He is going to bed about 6:30 every night and that worries me. He doesn't go to sleep, but will nap off and on until about 10 pm, and then go to sleep until 7 am. And most mornings he sleeps past his alarm.

But as long as he is anemic, I would expect him to sleep too much.

He is starting to realize that he's making mistakes. He booked airline tickets and didn't put our full names on them. So I told him that he needs to call the correct that tomorrow.

I'm in the process of going through numerous pages of notes from the hospital and putting them all together. Quite a task if you ask me. But I need to do it before this next round of specialists visits that start on 4/1 so I can hand them out. I doubt they will get read....but I know no one is going to read through his 6" thick chart!

Overall, it's been a good week.


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Anonymous said...

Ahh, for some reason your posts are not coming to my blog notices

so I just caught up (also I've been out of town so I didn't have access to the site other than through email)

progress is always slow, denial will never go away in these guys -- we always have to keep reminding them -- stay strong....