Thursday, February 17, 2011

this infernal medical system


the Nephrologist decided to give him fluid last night via IV. No staff to assist him to urinal. They tried to cath his penis, it blew up, his call button wouldn't work, so he got up out of bed. The bed alarm went off and the nurse came in. He had THREE bed changes last night.

They tried to get the staples out of his back and the didn't have the right tools An MD finally got them out today and hubby said it felt like he had a million bee stings going into his back all at once.

He is having another gout flare up in his left knee and they went ahead and started him on a prednisone burst which will increase his glucose levels. So, he and I were talking, trying to figure out why this is such a problem. I said, have they been giving you allopurinol because I haven't heard them say that. He said, no.

So we got his RN in here and she looked through his chart and he has not had allopurinol or terazosin for at least the last 4 days since he transferred to this unit.

Are they trying to kill the man? No allopurinol? Absolutely why his is having a gout attack. I cannot believe the complete moronic idiots working in this hospital.....which is supposed to be "specialized" care?????

The neprhrologist was in today and he said, "I am going to write an order that if his creatinine goes below 3.0, to pull the dialysis port tomorrow." Great news!

So a nurse comes in and tells me that there's an order to put a perma port in him tomorrow if his creatinine doesn't go below 3.0. It's been 3.3 for the last 2 days. I said, "ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!" No one discussed that with us and it will not happen.

I think I'll be spending the night tonight. I don't want him in a saturated bed again......and I certainly do not want a perma port put in a guy who has not had dialysis in 5 days.

Complete total utter quacks running this joint? ONE MORE and I will get administration involved because this is just a little bit too much as far as I'm concerned. It's just a darn good thing that I got a good night's sleep last night and have the energy to get mad!

So he is sleeping now, left knee all propped up, heating pad under it (that I brought in from home), battling a gout attack that was brought on by the hospital not giving him the medicines he is supposed to have. And yes, they have had his list from day 1.

It is no wonder people die.

I HAVE to get him home. I just have to.

DW - beyond frustrated


Lilly said...

Probably good that you are spending the night, although you shouldn't have to do that! I have had 2 family members in "specialized" nursing home care over the years, and have always had to watch over them, as things get overlooked all the time. VERY frustrating, as we put our loved ones in these places so that they will get the care that they need! Hang in there . . .

Anonymous said...

DW, I am leaving tomorrow on vacation -- out of the country. I will be thinking of you and your trials and tribulations. Make that, my heart will be with you. I will try to log on and check in -- but won't be able to do that as often as I would wish. Stay with it -- you are doing a heroic job. I wish you peace and, as always, sleep.
Tom's Wife

Lynn Barry said...

OMG good luck getting him home...My prayers and thoughts are with you as you work at getting him out of there and back home. HUGS and LOVE.