Saturday, October 09, 2010


Leaving Tuesday. Gone till 10/28.

Venous ulcer has shrunk another 1cm. The rightndirection. We don't go back tom that dr. For 4 weeks.

He has an appt with the neurosurgeon on the 18th while I am gone. I really hope they want to do surgery.

I found a jar of icing in the back of the fridge tonight! Didn't say a word. Think it's really funny that he's hiding the sweet stuff. If it was me and I was going ton hide something sweet, it sure wouldn't be icing!! LOL!!

Sorry for the typos. I'm trying to blog from my new is a learning curve but I love it!

Packing is done. Moff to relax and watch a movie. Indulged and had my hair professionally trimmed and colored yesterday. It feels great!!

Hopeneveryone has a great few weeks. I will be keeping notes from my phone calls with hubby and post when I return.


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