Sunday, October 03, 2010

Be happy! Eat what you want!

I'm getting ready to go on a trip overseas with my sister.  So I won't be around much for the next month.  It's the trip of a lifetime and I'm beyond excited about it.

I also won't be around to take care of him.

And he decided today that he needs to be able to eat easy-to-fix food while I'm gone.

He stocked up on soft pretzels, cookies, pizza, taquitos.....get the idea?

And I didn't say a word.

Yesterday, he said that the only thing he has left that he enjoys doing is eating.

So I am giving in and giving up for the next month.

He can eat whatever he wants.

Just be happy.

I am letting go. Truly.  Letting go.  He can simply do what he wants - eating and otherwise.

I'm going to be on the other side of the globe.  I can't help him.  He might as well enjoy the time I'm away!

1 pound of peanut M&Ms

Costco sized boxes of cookies

Hamburger helper

His dietitian would have a heart attack.

I tell myself not to think about it.  So I'll write it down here in the event we need to know later.

I'm excited to be going.  Scared to death to be leaving him.  Worried about what might happen.

Telling myself I'm not going to worry.  Nothing I can do about it from there.

But we all know you can't not worry.  :o)


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Lynn Barry said...

Sounds like the perfect solution...enjoy your trip...he's a big boy...making self destructive eating choices BUT you have to go so you can remember that you are more than someone who worries about him...and you can always pray or mediate that somehow he will GET IT...that he is not helping himself...and I bet he will MISS YOU...Bon Voyage! HUGS and LOVE!